Member Benefits

Discount on Sports Activities

As a member of SEPE Fitness you have access to some discounts on sports activities:

  • 50 % discount when renting mountainbikes
  • 50% discount when renting squash courts
  • 25% discount when renting flex football fields
  • Offers on SEPE's own events like SEPE Bike Challenge, SEPE Extreme Challenge and more

Esbjerg SportsFys

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SEPE Fitness co-operates with Esbjerg SportsFys, which gives you ekstra fordele.

This means that you as a SEPE Fitness member:

  • Can get a discount on 20% at Esbjerg Sportsfys
  • Can participate in a course of treatment in the same rooms as you work out in normally
  • Can meet Esbjerg SportsFys as instructor on classes in SEPE Fitness
  • Easyly can combine your normal work out with meetings with Esbjerg SportsFys

Esbjerg SportsFys is for both athletes and individuals with injuries or chronical conditions as well as both small and big companies. The Clinic is located at Veldtofte Fitness and we can use the entire sportscentre for treatment and training.

Esbjerg SportsFys is not a par of the public health insurance, which means that you will receive no public contribution to the payment. If you are a member of the health insurance company Sygeforsikringen "danmark" you will receive a contribution for examination, follow-up and training classes.

My name is Christoffer Kristensen, I am 26 years old and settled in Esbjerg. I am a trained physiotherapist and ordinarily I work at a private clinic in Haderslev. New a have started my own business as I want to challenge myself. Furthermore I work at a sports continuation school, where I primarily prevent, rehabilitate and handle injuries. Previously I have practised trampoline and tumbling as an athlete and participated in both national and international competitions. I have experience as an instructor and have coached several classes on different levels and agegroups.

Contact information

Veldtofte Idrætspark
Sportsvej 17-19
6705 Esbjerg

Phone: +45 28210738

You can find Esbjerg SportsFys here: 

Esbjerg SportsFys